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Types of aircraft
Charity flights/record attempts
Ferry flight support
Research/survey flight support

Overflight works with a variety of aircraft ferrying companies, who rely on us to assist with the route planning, schedule, ground handling, hotel accommodation as well as organising the flight clearance permits. We also fulfil an operations and flight following role, keeping the operator, their clients and ground handlers of the status of the flight. Aircraft types vary from single engine piston aircraft through to large commercial aircraft. Where an aircraft is to be ferried under Permit to Fly/Special Flight permit, etc., we can obtain validations where required.

Overflight works with many and varied types of companies and organisations engaged in research and survey work. The type of aircraft used for such purposes ranges from single engine STOL aircraft through to large turboprop and turbine powered aircraft equipped with many different types of sensor and photographic equipment. Areas of operation cover from the Arctic to the Antarctic and most countries in between.

Overflight regularly assists participants in the planning and obtaining of overflying and landing permissions for international air rallies and races as well as round the world flights, including those on behalf of charities.

We organise international flight clearance permits for all types of aircraft:

·         corporate jets

·         passenger charter

·         cargo charter

·         ferry operations

·         relief and emergency flights
·         helicopters

·         ex-military aircraft

·         vintage aircraft

·         microlights

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